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Microbrewery Labuť in the town of Litoměřice

We brew original Czech beer from purely natural ingredients. Our brewers constantly oversee the high quality of the beer at all stages of production, including taps in the bar.

Come to taste the beer with exceptionally rich, rounded flavor in the historical centre of Litoměřice, in the cellar of the original Art Nouveau hotel.

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How to reach us

 tel: +420 416 534 837
e-mail: info@olor.cz

How we do the beer in the town of Litoměřice

We produce our beer directly at the restaurant by classical Czech technology using Czech malt and Saaz hop

All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized. You can recognize at the first sight - beers are on the look cloudy, full of flavor and well drinkable. And how do we make beer?

The first step is brewing – we mix malt with water and, thanks to biochemical processes and certain temperatures, we obtain sweet wort. We let boil the sweet wort in the final stages along with Saaz hops. The result is a product called hopped wort.

Followed by cooling the hopped wort, the aeration and fermentation by pure culture brewing yeasts in open fermentation vats. During the controlled fermentation arises here alcohol and CO2 The product is now called young or green beer.

Drawing off the beer to the lager tanks. There the beer gets its distinctive flavor, while maturation itself saturated with CO2 and is self-clarified. Then it just follows the path to the bar and your table.

Each type of beer acquires through our recipe individual character, who every day we show the richness and diversity of brewing.

Our beers

In the Microbrewery Labuť we brew for our guests the following beers

Pale larger of pilsner type Labuť 12%

Fresh lager full, but light taste, with a hint of bitterness at the end. Brewed for a pleasant refreshing early evening of the day. The ideal type of beer, Fresh lager full, but light taste, with a hint of bitterness which can be combined with almost any offering our snacks.

Semi-dark larger Labuť 12%

Semi-dark lager with a combination of sweet and bitter taste and fresh feeling after drinking. This type of beer is popular with women in particular. The Semi-dark lager with a combination of sweet and bitter taste brewermaster recommends to try this beer with spicy pickled sausage .

Pale draft beer of pilsner type 10 % Labuť

Light beer for refreshment on hot summer days.

Kellerbier 11% larger type Labuť

The beer from cellar, pleasantly hopped a bottom-fermented lager. It has low to medium vigor and medium fullness. The aroma and taste is reflected caramel and hazelnut tones of Munich malt and hop bitterness.

Different kinds of beer specials offered seasonally

Black Swan

This kind of beer special, we would cook for guests who like dark beer. You can find in it the coffee - caramel flavor with a pleasant hop taste at the end.

Pale Ale 13% Labuť

Top-fermented beer, originally from England, full of flavor with a fruity touch and great bitterness.

Beer wheat special 13% Labuť

This beer special is a refreshing German beer. The final product is cloudy because of the specific yeasts. These yeasts also produce specific compounds that resemble e.g. banana, cloves, vanilla and other fruity and spicy tones.

Honey larger Labuť

Strong bottom-fermented beer, full of honey flavor brewed for the Christmas time.

Rye Ale Labuť

Top-fermented beer, with full taste after rye brewed for coming spring season.

Regionalni produkt Ceske Stredohori

Gift cards

Day in the company of the Microbrewery Labuť Brewmaster

A day in the company of the microbrewery Labuť brewmaster. You will be taught the secrets how to brew the beer.

Familiarization with the technology of beer brewing itself.

Validity: 2016
Price: 2990,- Kč,
Price including refreshment, 15L keg, glass Labuť

Microbrewery Labuť voucher

The value of the customer rerquest. 

Validity: 2016

Voucher for purchase in the pub.

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